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The purpose of this website is to share my love of sewing.  I have sewn for many years, but quite frankly until I joined the American Sewing Guild (ASG), most of my sewing was done alone.  I had few, if any, friends who sewed.  After joining the sewing guild some twenty years ago, I was suddenly surrounded by many friends who sewed.  When you sew with others, the benefits are endless.  Your sewing skills improve because you learn from others and you become more enthusiastic because you look forward to sharing in the creative process of producing something functional and fun.  In addition to being a member of the Lansing Clippers Chapter of the ASG, I also attend two Neighborhood Groups, two sewing groups that meet once a month and one sewing group that meets once a week.  It is fun and contagious to sew together.  If you don’t already have a group of friends that sew together, gather you sewing friends and form a group today!

I plan to share my experiences as I sew.  I will also share my thoughts about sewing classes, sewing groups and different sewing events I attend including those sponsored by the Lansing Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. 

My first blog was Sew Coordinated: The Process of Sewing a Wardrobe of 12 Coordinated Pieces of Clothing that Yields Many Outfits.  This blog consisted of posts detailing the process of sewing 12 articles of clothing that coordinate into a wardrobe 64 outfits.  The process took 12 months to complete. The first blog, Sew Coordinated, was a little hard to read because the page design was not reader friendly.  After I changed the design to make it more reader friendly, I decided to keep the first blog separate from the ongoing blog, which I call "chickenlittlesews".  Readers can still access either blog by clicking on either at the top of this page.  

Then I decided to do another 12-piece wardrobe.  The first wardrobe was a fall/winter wardrobe.  The second was a spring/summer wardrobe.  It was just as much fun working on the second wardrobe as it was the first one.  I learned from the first one to be careful with the use of prints.  By careful planning, I was able to increase the number of outfits to 72.  This is eight more than the first wardrobe.  

Now I am back to blogging about whatever sewing projects I choose to do.  I hope you will join me in this process.  We all learn from each other.  If you have some thoughts or ideas about any of my projects or you want to share some other ideas, please contact me at chickenlittlesews@gmail.com.

​Judy Huhn